Hello, I am Angela. I used to hate my name. I thought it sounded ugly. I was called Angie during my youth. When I was 9 I learned the meaning of my name – God’s messenger – and immediately felt a mantle of responsibility and wonder. I quietly asked God “What message am I to deliver? How will I know what to do?” Then, as I was busy growing up and living life, I simply forgot these childhood conversations with God.

A few years ago, I started conversations with God that went something like this: How can I serve? What is my purpose? What brings me joy? What I love is to inspire others to follow the path of healing wounds and shining the light on our shadow aspects. These are messages of miracles, hope, truth, purpose, healing, compassion, safety, forgiveness, freedom, joy, and love.

I think it is time we support ourselves and each other in healing our wounds. We are a world full of trauma and wounds from: war, rape, abuse, bullying, violence, incest, molest, sex-trafficking, human-trafficking, and torture. We also have wounds from natural disasters, homelessness, poverty, hunger, and the struggles for basic survival.

What is the evidence of our trauma?

Addiction. Most addictions are not illegal. In fact, we have several addictions that are highly valued in our culture. My personal addictions, at various times, have included: volunteerism, food, busy-ness, victim roles, work, stress, material stuff, and church. All perfectly legal and community endorsed. And not any healthier than drugs or alcohol, in many ways.

Absence of Self-Care. We live stress-filled lives and find 100 excuses for not taking care of ourselves in the most basic of ways. I know, I wrote some of those excuses. The time is now. Get over the excuses. Conquer them one by one. Give yourself permission to honor your body, mind, heart, and Spirit.

Denial of our Intuitive Intelligence. We have a variety of super valid reasons that we learned to separate from our Innate Wisdom and NO valid reason to deny ourselves re-connection. Following our Instincts are imperative for living a life of safety, joy, and wisdom.

Separation from Spirit & Spirituality. We go about life unconsciously separating from our true nature with very small choices that sometimes become very large choices impacting our integrity, civility and personal ethics.

It is time to heal!

This blog is dedicated to sharing inspiring and miraculous stories of healing. Most of these will be my personal stories. There may be stories or poems, used with permission, about other folks – their identities will remain anonymous and confidential.

In love and gratitude,


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  1. Read your post of 1/24 and loved the poem. Incisive, clear and poetic. Much heart. God’s messenger is a big row to hoe. I am embarking on Al-anon as a healing culture. Have a book for you, The Body Keeps the Score. It is about the healing of childhood trauma by use of the body. Nelson Mandela used boxing. You are using yoga. I at one time used running. I think the author is Scaer. Seems you are living true to your name.

    • Thank you Tom. Scaer is spot-on with body memory and trauma work. I appreciate movement of many types – Sufi dancing and turning are also very important to me.

      I just checked out your blog and the poetry is lovely, insightful, and playful! Let’s talk about that writing group specific to healing again soon!

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  4. Found you in this magical cybersphere and felt so very refreshed by your words and thoughts, words, tears and receiving the joy of another! Blessings to you always as you walk ahead on the journey!! Best always,estellesperosmacdonald@gmail.com

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